Dr Sajjad Mofarah

Ph.D Materials Science and Engineering UNSW 2020

Dr. Mofarah completed his PhD from the School of Materials Science and Engineering UNSW in 2020. His research has focused on the design and implementation of novel electrochemical strategies for the controlled synthesis of defective catalytic oxides and their heterojunction nanostructures, aimed at delivering functional materials for energy and environmental applications. He pioneered the development of a new class of stratified, metal-based polymers as precursors for fabricating a diverse range of functional materials for energy storage and catalysis.
In his current role as Chief Scientist at Vecor, his focus lies in several key areas, including thermodynamic, aqueous stability, and electrochemical behaviour of ionic species, the cyclic reprocessing of battery materials into functional nanostructures, the structural and architectural design of metal-ion-based battery materials, and the utilisation of advanced characterisation techniques for both oxide- and polymer-based nanostructures.