Vecor Ceramics

for Paints, Coatings, Rubber, and Plastics

Vecor Ceramics (VC) are engineered aluminosilicates manufactured utilizing recycled materials. Different SKUs of VC have been developed to maximize their benefit in different industrial and end-use applications, improving performance and providing cost benefits in architectural paints, industrial coatings, rubber, and plastics.

Used in the proper formulations and proportions, VC offers material cost savings as well as improved resistance to abrasion, UV, fire, and a host of other attributes.

By using recycled rather than mined materials, VC produces significantly less CO2 compared to alternatives.

Made in the USA, VC mitigates supply chain risks associated with commonly used pigments and fillers, at prices that improve the bottom line for manufacturers and distributors.

Diverse Applications

Available in a range of SKUs tailored to specific needs, VC provides industries with the capacity to improve performance while reducing cost. Here’s how VC shines in different applications:

Architectural Paint:
VC supplements titanium dioxide and barium sulphate, enhancing the resistance of architectural paints to to abrasion, burnish, UV and other environmentally damaging effects.

Industrial Coatings:
In organic solvents, VC reduces the quantity of solvents required and improves coloration and performance

Traffic Paint:
VC enhances wear resistance and application costs in traffic paints.

Powder Coatings:
VC adds color and decorative effects with superior adhesion and durability in powder and coil coatings.

In rubber products, VC improves manufacturing throughput and product durability.

Coil Coatings:
When added to coil coatings, VC enhances protection against corrosion, UV degradation, and abrasion for lasting performance in harsh environments.

Added to PVC and other plastics, VC improved results in most strain and stress tests, reduced weight, and markedly improved Impact resistance.

Improvements and Benefits

  • Optical Properties
  • No Impact on pH
  • Stain and Chemical Resistance
  • UV Durability and Weatherability
  • Moisture and Humidity Resistance
  • Abrasion, Burnish, and Wet Scrub Resistance

Engineered for Multiple Uses

VC is available in multiple SKUs made specifically to
suit the requirements of end-users.

Choose from a range of D50 particle size options, including <1um, 2um, and 3um, to achieve precise performance in your coatings and products. Our color values are tailored to meet your application needs, ensuring vibrant and consistent results.

VC also offers various surface-coated treatment options for enhanced durability and performance. With oil absorption tailored to application needs you have complete control over the properties of your formulations.

Coil Coating Film Property Improvements

VC revolutionizes coil coating film properties with a comprehensive suite of improvements. VC enhances mechanical strength, ensuring durability against scratches and abrasions while bolstering physical resilience for longevity. It fortifies the coating’s chemical resistance, protecting against corrosion and environmental factors.

VC promotes increased bond strength, maintaining firm adhesion to substrates. These enhancements have minimal impact on optical properties, preserving gloss and color, while VC’s exceptional scribe creep corrosion resistance further safeguards against degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Powder Coating Performance Benefits with VC

  • Improved flexibility
  • Minimal impact on optical properties
  • Improved direct/reverse impact resistance
  • No adverse effect or blushing with great
    humidity resistance
  • Improved film hardness
  • No adverse effect QUV weathering performance
  • No adverse effect from salt spray corrosion resistance
  • Lower wear and weight impact with increased Taber
    abrasion performance