Vecor Technologies VCP Patent Portfolio Summary

Vecor’s patent portfolio relating to the VCP product is held by Vecor IP Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vecor Technologies Pty Limited incorporated in Hong Kong.

Granted Patents and Published Patent Applications

Description Patent Title Expired Date Jurisdictions Granted Jurisdictions Pending
AlSi mixture and processes
(WO WO2019/201964 A1)
(WO WO2019/201965 A1)
(WO WO2019/201966 A1)
Process for the making of a ceramic article

Particulate Mixture Comprising AlSi Material

Recycled AlSi Material and a Particulate Mixture Comprising AlSi Material
16 April, 2039 India, Japan, United States Australia, Canada, Europe,
AlSi Granulation Process and Mixture
(WO2020/079029 A1)
(WO2020/079031 A1)
Process for making a ceramic particulate mixture

Ceramic particulate mixture comprising coal combustion fly ash
15 October, 2039 China, France, Germany,
India, Japan, United
Kingdom, United States
Australia, Canada, Korea, Mexico,
CFB AlSi Granulation Acid Process
(WO2021/028572 A1)
Process for preparing a granular ceramic mixture 14 April, 2040 China, Europe (unitary),
Spain, United Kingdom,
Australia, Canada, India, Japan,
Korea, Mexico, United States
Vecor Ceramic Pigment
(WO2022/034214 A1)
Process for preparing whitened fly ash 13 August, 2041 Australia, Brazil, Canada,
China, Europe (unitary),
Japan, Korea, Malaysia,
Mexico, Spain, United
Kingdom, United States
Vecor Ceramic Pigment in
paint compositions
(WO2023/077174 A1)
A paint composition 14 February, 2042 USA
Other jurisdictions to be
determined by August 2024
Other Patent Applications in progress Further patents for specific applications
(e.g, plastics, waste stream processing) have been and will continue to be lodged